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Capturing Love Stories: Your Wedding Photographers in Katy, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida

Weddings are magical, a celebration of love and unity, a promise for a beautiful future together. However, we understand that planning a wedding can sometimes be overwhelming. That's where we come in - David and I are your professional wedding photographers, ready to transform your special day into a stunning visual narrative. With a presence in both Katy, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida, we are privileged to serve couples throughout the states, preserving their love stories through breathtaking photography.

David Acuna Wedding Photography

Our Expertise:

With a collective experience of 40 years in the photography industry, we offer a unique blend of skills and knowledge. David's two decades in the wedding industry have given him a profound understanding of capturing the emotional essence of these joyous occasions. I, on the other hand, bring 20 years of experience in portrait and fashion photography, as well as a background in visual arts. Together, this dynamic partnership results in extraordinary photographs that encompass the artistry of wedding and portrait photography.

What We Offer:

Our goal is to make your wedding photography experience exhilarating and unique. We offer a full range of wedding photography services, tailored to your location, whether you're planning your special day in your hometown or a destination of your dreams. Our services include:

  1. Engagement Sessions: These sessions capture the essence of your love story, providing you with beautiful images that celebrate the journey to your big day.

  2. Bridal Sessions: We create exquisite bridal portraits that showcase your grace, elegance, and anticipation as a bride.

  3. Boudoir Sessions: Sensual and artistic, these sessions offer a personal and intimate gift to your partner.

  4. Trash the Dress: An adventurous and fun post-wedding session that captures the spirit of your wedding in a unique way.

  5. Albums, Prints, and Enlargements: We provide a range of products to help you preserve and display your wedding memories.

  6. Password Protected Gallery/Store: You'll have access to your own online gallery and store, where you can view, share, download, and order prints of your cherished photographs.

We're here to turn your wedding day into a timeless love story, a visual journey that you can cherish forever. Whether you're saying "I do" in Texas or Florida, we're prepared to capture your unique love story with artistry and precision. Your wedding is an incredible chapter in your life's story, and we're honored to be the ones to document it. Contact us to learn more about our services, availability, and how we can help make your wedding photography experience as beautiful as your love.

David Acuna Wedding photography

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