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What is Destination Photography?

Destination photography is a type of photography that involves traveling to different locations, often in exotic or scenic locations, to capture images for clients. It can include a variety of genres such as landscape photography, wildlife photography, adventure photography, and portrait photography.

Lake Titicaca, in Puno. Uros Floating Islands

Lake Titicaca, in Puno. Uros Floating Islands - Francisco Acuna Photography.

Destination photographers often specialize in specific types of photography and may work with clients for a variety of purposes, including weddings, travel magazines, and commercial advertising. They may also offer workshops or guided tours for photographers looking to improve their skills in a specific location or genre.

Destination photography requires a photographer to have a range of skills, including technical knowledge of cameras and lighting, the ability to work in unfamiliar or challenging environments, and an understanding of cultural sensitivities and local customs. Good communication skills are also important, as destination photographers may need to work with local guides or interpreters to ensure the success of their shoots.

Overall, destination photography is a way for photographers to combine their love of travel with their passion for photography, and it can offer unique and rewarding opportunities to capture images in some of the world's most stunning locations.

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